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8 Workout Tips for Beginners

July 8th, 2008 · Add Comments

Here are 8 tips for those people that are just starting their workout program. These workout tips will help you get going with your workout program slowly but steady and pretty soon you will be hitting the iron like the big guys.

1 – Ask for Advice – Most gyms have instructors that will help and guide you with your first workout sessions and they will make you a workout program or workout routine. So don’t be afraid to ask if you have any doubts, ask for help, be a pain if necessary in the end you are paying for their service so get the most out of your money.

2 – Slow Start – This is the most important workout advice for beginners. Start slow, don’t rush things, start with low weights and increase workout intensity gradually, this will allow you to develop a workout routine without hurting yourself.

3 – Find a Friend – Get a friend to start a workout program together with you. A friend with same goals is the best way to keep each other motivated and will sure help you with the next tip.

4 – Go Every Day – I know this might be hard for a novice, but this is the best way for you to get going with workout routine. It might be difficult in the first days but just do it, even you if go and do half of your workout routine, the idea is to you make your body get used to it.

5 – Vary Intensity – Working out every day doesn’t mean that you have to workout to your limits everyday. Alternate the intensity daily, do one day of strenuous workouts and another day of light workouts by doing this you will let your body recover and you will see better results.

6 – Know your Limits – It is very important to listen to your body. It’s good to feel tired during your workout session, but if you feel sharp pains in any part of your body stop immediately.

7 – Establish a Goal – Establish a goal, losing those extra kilos, build up those six packs, or be like Arnold Schwarzenegger back in the days, it doesn’t matter if it will take six months or a year to accomplish but having a goal in mind will help you through those daily workout sessions.

8 – Music – This is my personal advice, load up your mp3 player with some fast tunes, or if you prefer your favourite tunes, and enjoy your daily workout program. I love listening to music while I’m doing my cardio sessions; it helps me get through it easily.

I hope this will help you get going with you workout program, and stay tuned for more workout tips, workout programs and workout routine here at Workout Planet.
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