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Bodybuilding supplements reviews, fitness products, workout nutrition guides and workout tips on how to gain muscle mass, loose fat plus everything else you need to know to stay fit.

Workout Planet

About Workout Planet

Workout Planet was created with the aim to provide useful information about everything regarding fitness, bodybuilding and healthy living.

Here you will find news and reviews about the latest fitness products, workout routines and workout tips to help you get the most out of workouts and achieve your goals.

Workout Planet also has a special section dedicated to bodybuilding supplements reviews, where you’ll find all the information you need know to help you make the best use out of your hard earned money.

If you can’t find the information you were looking for or have any doubts about any reviews you can always leave your questions in our comments section and we’ll provide you with the answer asap.

As a conclusion, Workout Planet is a blog aimed for everybody that likes to live a healthy and active life, a democratic place for people to learn and share their knowledge with others.

Personal Info:

My name is Felipe Bazon and I’m from Brazil, but I’m living in Spain now days. I’ve always been a big sports fan, and just love to live a healthy and active life.

I’ve been working out for many years and simply like everything related to bodybuilding and fitness, I’m no bodybuilder myself but I do like to keep it fit.

You can find me in social networking sites, I’m very active in those and I’m always looking for more friends that share the same interests that I do, feel free to add me as a friend.

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