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Activity Monitors and Training Computers

September 21st, 2008 · Add Comments

Workout Planet is starting a new section today, cheap this new section is called Fitness Products, no rx this new section is aimed to keep you informed of the latest trend on fitness products.

Here you will find fitness product reviews, prices and where to find them. To start this new section Workout Planet has decided to review the New Polar F-series Models, for those of you that never heard of the Polar watches and monitors, check their website.

The new Polar F-series models are more than normal watches and heart rate monitors, they are training computers, the Polar F-series models were designed to suit the needs of those that want to improve their quality of life by becoming to more active as well as those who are already engaged in a regular workout routine.

Polar went one step further with these new series of watches and monitors, they also appeal to the core group of exercise enthusiasts who dedicated to maximize their cardio and strength training.

The new F-series models are the FA20 activity computer and FT40, FT60, FT80 training computers.

FA20 Activity Computer
The FA20 is worn as a stylish watch without the use of a chest strap and is ideal for walkers, joggers, and people who want to be more physically active. It provides 24/7 continuous measurement of daily activities, including calories, active steps, distance covered and duration.

fitness products - FA20 Activity Computer

FT40 Training Computer
Designed for gym goers, joggers, active people and those who want to stay fit, the FT40 provides a new EnergyPointer feature that simplifies exercise by displaying a user’s exertion in one of two zones – either fat burning or fitness improvement.

fitness products - FT40 Training Computer

FT60 Training Computer
The FT60 is targeted to the fitness and cross-training enthusiast, and features the new Polar STAR training program, which intelligently adapts to the user’s personal exercise habits and provides them with weekly targets, easy-to-understand feedback, and guidance on the most effective way to improve their fitness.

fitness products - FT60 Training Computer

FT80 Training Computer
For users who are on a dedicated cardio and strength training program, the FT80 uses a Polar-exclusive feature that provides guidance on how long to rest between sets through an easy-to-read graphical display.

fitness products - FT80 Training Computer

For detailed information on each one of these “Training Computers”, go here.

And don’t forget keep coming back for more bodybuilding supplements reviews and now to check out on the latest trends on fitness products.

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