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Beginners Guide to MMA Training

April 7th, 2011 · 1 Comment

MMA or Mixed Martial Arts grew enormously in popularity over the last decade. Such popularity led to the evolution of the sport and the development of a unique set of rules, sildenafil safety measures and more professional refereeing. Back in the days of the extinct “Vale Tudo” there were minimum rules, medical no safety equipment and no appropriate training as fighters came from different martial arts styles to put it to test which was the most effective martial art on Earth.

A lot has change since the early MMA days, for those that have been around since those days you will remember Royce Gracie fighting in UFC 1, 2 and 3 wearing his BJJ GI’s, at the time he was pretty successful and won 3 UFC titles, bear in mind that at the time there were no weight categories and fighters fought bare knuckled. Fighting in the UFC wearing a BJJ GI these days is a complete suicide.

royce in bjj gi

Nowadays not only a whole new set of rules have been introduced but concerns to athlete’s safety has increased. The most brutal techniques were banned and the use of appropriate equipment like fingerless MMA gloves, groin guards as well as gum shields is now required.

Training to MMA has also changed and from my point of view it is a martial art of its own, with many Dojos and Gyms around the globe now offering specific Mixed Martial Arts training. Such training incorporates the five fundamental techniques of MMA: striking, takedowns, sprawling, floor work, and submission holds.

MMA Training

To engage in MMA training there is no need to already have a degree in any martial art you can start from scratch and develop each one of the fundamentals as training progress. An athlete who already has a degree in, letРІР‚в„ўs say BJJ (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) will sure have an advantage over someone who never practiced any type of fighting sport before.

MMA is one the most technical and demanding sports nowadays so be prepared to strenuous training sessions and a lot of sacrifice if you want to succeed. MMA fighters aren’t considered the ultimate fighting machines for nothing.

Getting Started

Selection of your training ground is the first and for me the most important step to take before you start your MMA training.

Look around, do some research and don’t just sign up to the first gym you see offering MMA lessons. My tip here is to do a couple of training sessions feel the atmosphere and if you feel comfortable training there go for it.

Many will say go with the top notch fighting teams, obviously that training at Black House MMA is in anyone’s dream but not all of us have that privilege so make the most out of it with what you have available.

Training Equipment

Having chosen your training ground there are a few must have MMA equipment that you need to buy in order to train safely. These equipments consist of what I like to call the start up kit. Anyone looking to start practicing MMA must have a groin guard, a gum shield, a pair of MMA training gloves (no need to go pro just yet) and a pair of MMA shorts.

Training ground chosen and basic MMA equipments in hand it is time to see if you have what it takes to become an MMA fighter. The fighter’s psyche fundamentals are:

1. The Ability to Work through Pain
2. The Desire to Reach the Top
3. High Motivation Levels
4. Persistence

My final tip is “Keep focused and never give in”.

“For many the ground is the limit for us is just the beginning”

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  • 1 Helen Griffiths // May 24, 2011 at 1:33 pm

    Fantastic review of MMA… 100% gets my applause….
    MMA is tough, but it’s also a fantastic way to keep incredibly fit, lean and putting you in a great position to stand your ground out of the cage….. (Should the need ever arise)
    You’ll also meet great people… disciplined and focussed, and the majority are more than happy to help a beginner learn MMA

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