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Bodybuilding Supplements Reviews – ATRO-PHEX

November 23rd, 2008 · 4 Comments

Today’s review will be about a supplement that was voted as the best energy supplement of the year at the 2008 Supplements Awards; it is made by BSN and is called the ATRO-PHEX.

ATRO-PHEX is an energy and weight management dietary supplement with physical well being and mental focus enhancing properties.

Designed to increase metabolism and to support and enhance improved thyroid function, buy cialis it also isolates and targets problem areas and removes the subcutaneous water under your skin to reveal better muscle shape and definition.


ATRO-PHEx’s formula has 5 distinct complexes, find each of which has a unique function. Below is a quick explanation of these complexes and their effects.

Complex 1 – Adipose Atrophy & Energy Stimulator Matrix™

The first complex in ATRO-PHEXВ® is a patent pending Adipose Atrophy & Energy Stimulator Matrixв„ў powered by ATRO-EFXв„ў, which elicits fast-acting and long-lasting positive effects on several key physiological elements, including energy level, alertness, mood, mental performance, physical productivity, weight management, calorie burning, appetite control, thermogenesis, and well-being.

Complex 2 – Mood & Mental Performance Optimizers

The second complex in ATRO-PHEX® contains mood and mental performance optimizers, which, in addition to having antioxidant properties, improve mental function under both physically and psychologically stressful conditions, facilitate wakefulness, improve long-term memory, improve reaction speed, reduce anxiety and increase the body’s overall resistance to stress. Their effect has been described by some as “euphoric” and “energizing.”

Complex 3 – Aqua-Retic™

Aqua-Reticв„ў, the third complex in ATRO-PHEXВ®, is designed to reduce the appearance of excess subcutaneous and extracellular water. This water, found trapped beneath the skin and in fat cells, can often lead to that bloated, water-retention look, which can hide your shape and definition. In addition to having natural diuretic properties, the compounds in this complex also possess antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Complex 4 – Insulin Support & Weight Management

The fourth complex in ATRO-PHEXР’ВВРРВВ