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Bodybuilding Supplements Reviews – BCAA Supplements

August 31st, 2008 · Add Comments

As a body building supplement BCAA’s supplements are becoming more and more popular amongst bodybuilders and other athletes. BCAA stands for branched chain amino acids and is formed by three essential amino acids leucine, isoleucine and valine.

BCAA are essential amino acids, in short terms means amino acids that our body can’t produce, they represent 14% of all amino acids found in the skeletal muscle and are used by the body to build and repair tissues or lets say in this case muscle.

BCAA supplementing can increase protein synthesis, energy production, muscle strength and size making them an essential bodybuilding supplement for most bodybuilders.

bodybuilding supplements reviews - bcaa

As they metabolized in the muscle rather than liver BCAA supplementing can be used as a muscle builder or can be burned as fuel to create energy.

BCAA has many benefits as a bodybuilding supplement, taken before workout they reduce fatigue and improve performance and if taken after workout they play an important role rebuilding muscle tissues.

Natural sources of BCAAs are dairy products, basically anything that comes from milk. But to obtain better results you’ll need BCAA bodybuilding supplements.

So now that you know how important BCAA supplementation is, what are you waiting to add BCAA supplements to your bodybuilding supplements list? Stay tuned for BCAAs bodybuilding supplements reviews here at Workout Planet.
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