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Bodybuilding Supplements Reviews – Fat Burners

September 16th, 2008 · Add Comments

One of the most controversial bodybuilding supplements are the fat burners. There a lot of magical formulas out there, but you got to be careful and to choose the right one.

In this post I’ll explain to you the principles of fat burners that will help you to choose the right one. But remember no fat burners will make miracles, a balanced diet is very important when using fat burners.

Basically what a fat burner does is breakdown the body fat and transforms it into energy, this reaction is called thermogenisis, and a good fat burner needs high thermogenic activity.

Some fat burners contain ephedrine, ephedrine is a powerful stimulant, and can become quite addictive. Fat Burners that contain ephedrine can deliver results a lot faster, but it can cause some serious side effects such as nervousness, headaches and even abnormal heartbeat.

fat burners

The Bodybuilding Supplements Industry has invested a lot of money on research to create natural and effective fat burners, the latest discoveries include Citrus Aurantium, this natural fat burning element is also known as bitter orange, compounds of these little orange fruits have the same thermogenic activity as the ephedrine.

natural fat burners

Other Natural fat burners are Guarana, Green Tea, Yerba Mate and 7-keto. This last one is considered by many researchers as the safest and most potent thermogenic enhancer. 7-Keto has the ability to safely burn the fat into calories without the side effects of stimulants.

Now that you know more about fat burners is up to you to decide which way to take, the short or the long way.

If you know any other natural fat burner with good qualities feel free to drop us a few lines, and don’t forget, keep coming back for more bodybuilding supplements reviews here at Workout Planet.
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