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Bodybuilding Supplements Reviews – Hydroxycut Hardcore

October 28th, 2008 · 1 Comment

Hydroxycut Hardcore is MuscleTech‘s fat burning supplements, ampoule MuscleTech guarantees that it can reduce bodyfat by 7.9% in a 12 week period completely free of Ephedra.

It uses a blend of ingredients engineered to burn fat quickly and effectively, Hydroxycut Hardcore contains Proxyclene Fat-Loss Blend, Lasidrate Delivery Blend, Norepidrol Intensity Focus Blend and Yohimbacore, despite all the complicated names they are all legal ingredients.

These four blends work together to burn and reduce bodyfat and effects are maximized thanks to the liquid Micro-Dispersion Technology that delivers fat burning components to the body.

A five stage process creates the fat-burning environment; all delivered to the body by the LiquiTech capsules.

First Hydroxycut Hardcore increases the fat burning hormone, norepinephrine, by levels as high as 40% to ignite the fat burning process; second it increases and maintain the fat burning signal within the fat cells.

Third it shuts down the fat burning process by blocking the alpha receptors in the fat cells and the alpha receptors keep burning fat thanks to second’s stage uninterrupted signal.

Fourth stage deals with another fat burning enemy, the catechol-o-methyltransferase (COMT); the COMT is a norepinephedrine-degrading enzyme that is when levels of norepinephedirne levels are increase to up to 40%.

The process is complete by broken down fat stores sent to the mitochondrial of cells to be burned off as heat by the uncoupling proteins, this process is also called Thermogenises.

As explained before here at Workout Planet, the more thermogenic activity the more fat is burned.

Start off 1 capsule 2x a day, in the first three days, than increase the dose to 2 capsules 2x a day till you complete the first week, from day 8 onwards 3 capsules 2x a day, do not exceed 4 capsules in a 4 hour period and/or 6 in a 24 period, and make sure you drink lots of water and read all the label before using it. Always good to check with your Doctor too.

Recommended cycle period is of 12 weeks, there two sizes available one with 120 capsules and a bigger one with 210 capsules.

I just started taking Hydroxycut Hardcore, and would like to hear from others what they think of this bodybuilding supplement, share your opinion with us and feel to ask any question about it, if we don’t have the answer sure one of our readers will be able to help you.

Hope this review was useful and keep coming back bodybuilding supplements reviews and workout tips here at Workout Planet.

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  • 1 Angelus // Jul 3, 2009 at 5:56 pm

    I’ve started taking HH since one week and training as well.I have sense an increase of energy while training but still no side effect but dunt know yet.I weigh about 100kg.just seeing whether this will work for me.

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