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Bodybuilding Supplements Reviews – Protein Supplements

September 10th, 2008 · Add Comments

There are thousands of bodybuilding supplements on the market today, the same goes for proteins supplements.

Proteins are the bricks that will help you build your muscles, proteins are used by the body to reconstruct the muscle fibers that you destroyed during your workout session, so chosing the right protein supplements is very important to build quality muscles.

You can find protein supplements in powders, bars, tabs and as MRPs (meal replacements). Whey protein is the most popular protein on the market today, it is a must have in any bodybuilding supplements list.

protein supplements

Whey protein is extracted from the cow”s milk, as a bodybuilding supplement you can find whey protein in three different types concentrated, isolate and hydrolyzed. Check out this post for more info on whey protein supplements.

bodybuilding supplements

But whey is not the only protein used as a bodybuilding supplement, there are other protein supplements such as Albumin, Soy proteins, L-glutamine, Casey proteins and many others.

Want to know all about those proteins supplements, so keep coming back for more bodybuilding supplements reviews here at Workout Planet.
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