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Cardio Exercises Intro

August 4th, 2008 · Add Comments

Cardio exercises are any exercises executed at an intensity which places consistent demands on the lungs and heart or lets say the cardiorespiratory system. Cardio Exercises can also be called Aerobic exercises because they supply oxygen to large muscle groups over time.

Good example of cardio exercises are running, cycling and swimming. The body uses fat and stored glucose as fuels for the cardio exercises; therefore they are in any workout program for those that want to lose weight.

cardio exercises

A frequently asked question and one that generates a wide spectrum of opinions is whether is best to do cardio exercises before or after the weights session.

A lot factors come into the equation to decide when is the best time to do the cardio exercises.

It all depends on the goals you have set, whether is weight loss, gaining muscles, strength, appearance and so on. Follow this link to know about To help you with this subject Workout Planet will be posting a series of two articles for you to decide when is the best time for you to do your cardio exercises.

So stay tuned here at Workout Planet for more info and best practices for cardio exercises.
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