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Essential MMA Training Gear

May 24th, 2011 · Add Comments

If you just started or are planning to start training MMA (mixed martial arts) I recommend you read my Beginners Guide to MMA Training. In this article you will find detailed information about the MMA training gear to get you started.

I have only started to MMA training five months ago so I consider a rookie just like you, viagra sales even though I have been practicing and competing BJJ for over 7 years now. I have no intention in competing in MMA tournaments the only reason I’ve started training is because I saw a couple of training and concluded it could help my BJJ.

When I started training I had no idea of the exact equipment needed for training so I showed up for my first training session with only my mouth guard and a pair of swim shorts. I then learned I needed a bit more than that. After the coach advised me what other pieces of MMA equipment I needed I found myself in another paradigm. Which gear to buy? What brands offer the best value for money? Should I go with the top-notch brands?

So you don’t fall in the same paradigm as I did I decided to create this list of MMA training gear that will provide you with the safety needed to get through the training sessions and at the same time offer the best value for money.

Mouth guard or Gum shield

Mouth guards or gum shields are the most essential piece of MMA training gear you could own, don’t show up for a training session without one. Bytomic Double Gum Shield offers a great value for money for only Р’Р€3.50. The only downside is getting used to it but that is a problem everyone has to deal with when they start using mouth guards.

Groin Guards & Compression Short

Some might say that this the most important piece of MMA equipment for obvious reasons. I do agree with them so when it comes down to down-under protection doesnРІР‚в„ўt be tight. My suggestion is the UFC compression short with cup for only Р’Р€34.99 at Reaction Sport.

Rash guard

Originally made for watersports like surfing, wakeboarding and the likes. Rash Guards have made their way into other sports including MMA where it became an essential garment for training. Normally made of spandex and nylon or polyester that will see you through the toughest MMA workouts. For beginners I recommend the Lonsdale Compress X Pro Rash Guard as it offers the best value for money.

MMA Gloves

When it comes to the protection of your hands there are many types of MMA gloves you could buy. For training you will need a pair of gloves that suits stand-up workouts with partners, heavy bags, and Wavemasters providing you with the safety needed to avoid injuries. The UFC Striker Gloves does just that plus a series of innovations that will give you the edge in your MMA training. Reaction Sport has the lowest prices I found for these gloves check it out!

MMA Shorts

When I first started training MMA I used to wear my surfing shorts but I was destroying them at a weekly rate. MMA shorts are made with 100% microfiber, reinforced split outer leg seams for unrestricted movement and two Velcro enclosure one horizontal and one vertical for tighter and smoother fit. There are many brands making high quality MMA shorts these days but my favourite are Venum MMA Shorts


With all the gear you are surely going to need a bag to carry it all. I’ll leave it up to you this one, just make sure you buy a bag big enough to fit all your MMA equipment.

Now you are ready to safely train MMA with good quality gear without spending huge amounts of cash.

I want to hear from you now. What type of MMA Equipment you consider essential for training and which brands do you prefer?

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