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The No Pain, No Gain Philosophy

November 18th, 2008 · Add Comments

Are you making through your workout routine easily? Do you feel your lifts are not as heavy as they should be? Do you finish your workout session without sweating the hell out of your shirt? You eat like a chicken?

If most or all of your answers were Yes, treatment and you are still thinking that you’re building muscles, forget it you’re doing it all wrong.

I’m sure you have heard the expression No Pain, No Gain, many times over. Well if you want to gain muscle mass that expression needs to become your lifestyle.

You need to make the most out of workout sessions, take your muscles to its limits, if you are going through each series of exercises easily, increase the weights in order to exhaust your muscle, by doing that you are recruiting or lets say ripping your muscles fibers allowing your muscles to grow bigger and bigger.

Keep changing your workout routines, our body hates changes, every time we make a change our body will work itself out to try and balance things up, if you stick to the same training session month after month your body will just get use to it and you’ll never get big.

If you keep pushing your body to its limits (with caution please), you are forcing your body to adapt itself to the new limits established allowing you to experience amazing muscle gains.

But all that is no good, without a well balanced diet, here is another expression that you might have heard a lot of times, you are what you eat, if you want to lift like the big guys you got to eat like the big guys.

And above everything don’t believe in those that follow the No Pay, Yes Gain philosophy otherwise you will never grow those big rock hard muscles that you always wanted.

I’m sorry but that is the reality there is no other way around it. No Pain, No Gain.

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